A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned -
Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vehicle Warranty

Extended Warranty Scam
If you have purchased a new or used vehicle recently, you've probably been inundated with notices showing your warranty is about to expire or vehicle protection has not been activated. If you purchased a warranty through the dealership, make sure you have accurate information about what it covers and when it expires (make a note on the calendar). My thoughts on warranties are that they are not worth paying for. I was offered a warranty on a used car for $700! but the vehicle already has a manufacturer warranty (something they usually don't divulge.) Warranties cover very little, but these notices that don't show a company name and address, use scare tactics and are not much more than a scam. Their M.O. is to send as many notices out as possible, hoping someone who is confused will call and give them personal information. The FTC is currently working toward stopping these unethical practices.

So, if you see a notice that says please call us today to ensure continued safe operation 1-888-598-0258 - ignore it. If you have any doubts, contact your dealership, before following up on any notification that specifies that protection/warranty is about to expire.

You can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission

See more information on Faker Motor Vehicle Service Notification and Vehicle Warranty Sales Pitch.

Note: You may also receive phone calls, but my phone number has changed since I purchased the vehicle so I haven't received any phone calls. Don't think your phone number and personal information is kept private when you fill out forms at the dealership and for the Department of Motor Vehicles - it isn't.

View the Federal Trade Commission's suggestions for avoiding scams and fraud here


  1. i got the exact card in the mail just purchased a used car from a local dealer i get this card same as you posted in the mail, what bothers me is scam artists like this because people fall for it i will be going to my local dealer today and asking how they gave my information to outside sources, another scam the dealers are pulling is gap insurance, they say its mandatory when it is not, they charge in uppwards of $1000,00 when is can be added from your insurance company for about 36 dollars a year,

  2. we have gotten two of these in the past couple weeks. we just moved over 1000 miles away and know no one in our new area. so we are not sure how these people got our info. i just keep tossing them and refuse to make any kind of phone calls to them.

  3. I got one of these within 2 weeks of buying a used car from a private seller. Apparently the Tennessee DMV sold/gave my information to scammers. So nice of them.

  4. Thanks for commenting. I know it's annoying when your information is sold/passed on. I've stopped giving out my phone number (even for a car purchase). If they insist on a number, I give one that is no longer in service and request all communication be by e-mail (I use a separate e-mail address for non-personal/junk e-mail).

  5. Got one of these today just like shown - My name and year and model of car we just bought, I stopped by my credit union to make sure it wasn't the service warranty we got from them when we bought the car- they said it wasn't -- Scam and Don't know how these people are getting our Information - that should be illegal for the state to give it out.

  6. I got this letter this week and I haven't owned a car in years!

  7. The DMV gives out your information when you renew your tags. If you wish to purchase a warranty always go through the dealer where you purchased the vehicle. Then you can be sure that their repair shop will accept the coverage. If you buy from a private party and want to purchase coverage, bring the vehicle to a dealership for that brand (if you buy a Ford go to a Ford dealership) and purchase coverage there. Why deal with some stranger who does not even disclose their company's name and address?
    I always mark these mailings "Return to sender" and drop them in the mailbox.


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