A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned -
Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saving on Utility Bills

Electricity –
Many electric companies have suggestions for your home. Click on the Energy Saving Solutions at TXU, answer a few questions and get ideas for lowering your bill. here

Check out energy consumption for appliances, electronic equipment, heating etc. here

In the heat of the summer, keep blinds closed. I made some curtains and backed them with sailcloth which is great for keeping the bright summer sun out. These don’t gather, but simply cover the window area. I used a thinner material, backed it with sailcloth, installed a rod and bought metal rings that clip onto the material. They didn’t take long to make and lower the temperature dramatically. (Look for sales or coupons at your fabric store). You can also buy ready made curtains and blinds that will block out the sun.
Energy saving windows will also help, but are costly. If you will be staying in your home for many years, they may be worth the investment.
Check your insulation or call a company that specializes in installing insulation to give you an estimate/recommendation. There are many energy programs wherein you can get this done reasonably. A neighbor suggested I look into this and for less than $200, the company sealed all the windows, replaced all light bulbs with energy efficient ones and sprayed insulation in the attic. I’ve noticed a big difference in both the electric bills and the temperature.
Light bulbs – use energy efficient ones.
Make sure you replace the HVAC unit filters frequently. I believe a minimum of once a month is recommended.

Turn blinds so that they are facing up and deflecting the light.
Shade trees can also help to protect the house from the sun. Make sure you plant them where they can give the most protection. Deciduous trees are the best choice as you will want the sun to warm your home in the winter and an evergreen will block it year round.
Install a programmable thermostat. Keep the temperature higher and use fans, especially at night.
Shop around with different utility companies if they are available. Sometimes going with an electricity plan will give you a lower rate. Find out which is the best utility company to choose


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  3. Use the LED bulbs not the CFL bulbs (curly fluorescent bulbs). The CFL's become a toxic spill if ever broken (they have Mercury in them), plus they are hard to dispose of. You can't throw them out, they need to be taken to a special recycling area that takes CFL bulbs. Check with your local community for CFL recycling. I recommend the LED bulbs as they are very energy efficient. They are a little pricey right now but they are coming down in price, and they last a very long time too. We ar enow seeing brighter LED bulbs on the market. Also hopefully some are made inthe USA, as all of the CFL's are made in China.


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