A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned -
Benjamin Franklin

Friday, February 9, 2018

Roper Washer RTW4516FW1 No Hot Water Wash

After calling Whirlpool (Roper Manufacturers) last year about the cold water fill (on hot cycle), they sent out a repairman who insisted that the new washers do not need hot water to get the clothes clean and all I could expect from a hot wash is an 80 degree temperature (60-80 is considered cold). My "hot" cycle is 75 degrees!
Their site (see below) contradicts what both the repairman and their representative stated.

Industry Standard Water Temperatures:
Cold   60-80
Warm 90-110
Hot 120-130

(See You Tube video below regarding suggestions to fix the problem)

The cold/colder water wash seems to be because of a combination of bad design and U.S. Department of Energy conservation standards. I couldn't see anything on the DOE site that specifically noted that water temperatures should be lower. It seems more concerned with volume of water which is ironic because the new machines don't get clothes clean nor rinse adequately so you have to use more water to run the cycle again. These new HE (High Efficiency) machines are not efficient at all. Also, if you want to add fabric softener (there's no dispenser) it is suggested that you use the extra rinse option (using more water than you normally would!) They also require HE detergent. My "hot" cycle currently has a water temperature of 75 degrees).

See Appliance Standards for more info.

According to The Public Health and Safety Organization the cold temperature is not sufficient to remove bacteria or dust mites. WashLaundry.Com recommends temperatures of 130 degrees to remove germs and heavy soil.

Another problem with the colder water is that the machine itself produces bacteria. The compensation solution from the manufacturer for this is to "clean" the washer with Affresh or bleach frequently (another expense for an inefficient washer). With no hot water, the pipes aren't cleaned so you need to also keep the drainage pipes clear to avoid bacteria/decomposing soap from building up.

Below is the "chat" I had with Whirlpool. she didn't exactly answer my questions as to why there is no "hot" cycle.

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