A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned -
Benjamin Franklin

Friday, July 29, 2011

More Free Movies

Sara at Sara Inklings suggested Hulu for free movies.

I watched Masterpiece Theater from my computer today. Public Broadcasting has quite a few programs that can be watched over their site. The only problem I have with watching these is that my computer isn't hooked up to my television and so I have to view them directly from my computer. I asked at Best Buy if I could connect them and the cable is expensive ($80). The salesman wasn't sure if it would work with my Dell Inspirion Netbook - he said both my computer and television would need to be HD.

I've also been borrowing DVDs from the local library. We can take five out at a time.
If you have any other suggestions, please leave me a comment and I'll add them to this post.


  1. Netflix is the best (their $8 per month deal is great!)- but if you're trying to go completely free, Hula is second.

    Amazon sometimes offers freebies and I read some where that youtube also has some form of a movie channel as well.


  2. I received another cracked DVD from Netflix yesterday, which I was unable to watch, and often they get lost in the mail. With their prices jumping dramatically on September 1, I no longer think their service is worth paying for. I will take a look at Hulu and the DVDs from the library are working out great.


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